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Smarten Mppt solar charge controller 50 amps

with one year Warranty

Rs. 14,324

Rs. 12,549

Product Summary

Smarten MPPT Solar charge controller 50 amps converts an existing ups/inverter into a solar hybrid inverter. The charge controller is built on Mppt technology. the current rating capacity is 50 amps and the voltage rating is  24, 48 volts.

  • supports Up to 2,000-watt panel on double battery, and 3,000 watts of the panel of four battery system
  • works with 24-volt and 48-volt battery system
  • LCD display

MPPT advantage: 

Generally, on a PWM solar charge controller, if you are having a single battery system (12 V), it is recommended, to connect a single module of more than 180 watt / 20 Volt panel

But if you are using the MPPT controller, you can connect up to 350 watts /40 volts of a single panel on a single battery system.


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