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Known as Mounting Structure, Solar Panel Holding Stand, Panel Stand, and Solar Structure, a stand for solar panels is characterized as an iron structure constructed of mild steel with a zinc coating. Solar stand installers, on the other hand, should be cautious and use high-quality materials because the solar stand eventually supports the entire solar system. You should always buy the best stand for your solar panel.

Types of solar panel stands

There are many types of stands available in the market for solar panels. As we all know that stand for solar panels should always be chosen of the best quality. Galvanized Iron stands for solar panels and is one of the best stands for solar panels in the market. The quality of the product is great because the raw materials that are used for the construction are of well-known quality. People frequently focus on purchasing solar panels rather than solar panel stands, despite the fact that the solar panel is the most important component of a solar system and also accounts for the majority of the entire cost.

People usually acquire solar stands from the local market to save money and keep their promises. Solar stand installers, on the other hand, should be cautious and use high-quality materials because the solar stand eventually supports the entire solar system. Gi stands for solar panels an ideal stand for the solar panel.

If you want to make a stand for a solar panel follow the below steps mentioned below:

1. solar panel stand design

At first, we’ll have to construct it out of wood. The design is straightforward; you can acquire chopped lumber from Home Depot and envisage using brackets and hinges for structural support.

2. Platform at the bottom

You might start with a simple rectangular frame for the bottom of the custom stand (Dimensions depend on the Solar Panel you are building this for)

3. Support for Hinge and Bracket

Support for the frame can be acquired in a variety of ways. You can also add some height to the frame to accommodate any necessary electronics for the panel installation you intend to use it for.

solar panel stand design

Rooftop – If You have your own house then can install solar panel stands on the roof of the house and offices. The rooftop is the best palace to install a solar panel stand because the rooftop space is 100% shadow-free area.

Wall-Mounted – If you live in a rented house then you can choose wall-mounted solar panel stands. But if you use this mounted structure for panels then the face for this structure will be North-West. The Installation of wall mounted is difficult from the rooftop.

Tin Shed – we can also install solar panel stands on a tin shed on top of the factories. These are low-height solar panel stands as well as lightweight.

Solar Panel Stand Quality

when we buy any product then first we talk about quality. So here we talk about which quality a solar panel stand should have before installation

Quality of Material: The quality of the material is the Main factor for any product. The Solar Panel Stands should be made by Using a GI galvanized iron structure that has 25 years of life.

Rust Free: The Stand Should Be rust-free. because if we do not use rust-free structures we have to paint them from time to time.

Disadvantages of Weak Structure

If your structure is weak and shakes when a strong wind blows, it may not crumble completely but it can damage your panel from the inside. Actually, the silicon used inside our solar panel is such that if some micro cracks come in it then they adversely affect your power output. In such a situation, the performance of your system is also affected.

Solar Panel Angle | solar panel angle in India

You should maintain the angle of the solar panel according to the latitude of your city. By doing this you will get to see the best output and performance of solar. If you do not use the right angle or simply leave the panel on the surface, you can lose 5 to 10 percent of the power.

solar panel stand price in india

The cost of a solar panel stand is determined by the number of solar panels to be put and where they will be mounted, such as on a home rooftop, a wall, a carport, or a tin shed roof. The price of a stand for solar panels ranges from Rs 1500 to Rs 7500 depending upon the number of panels and solar panels’ wattage.

Mounting Structure – Question & Answers

Q How many types of solar structures are there?

Ans – Mainly the structure is of MS, GI, Hot Dip, and Aluminum (Types of mounting structures for solar panels). But the structure of MS cannot be recommended due to frequent rusting, the hassle of painting, etc. In such a situation, only the structure of GI, hot dip, or aluminum should be used for solar plants. Along with this, forgetting the structure of round or square pipe should never be used.