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Ujjawal solar panel 210 watts / 12 volt mono perc crystalline


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Ujjawal solar panel 200 watts/ 12-volt mono perc crystalline

25 Years of Warranty

Rs. 8,700/-

Product Summary

Ujjawal solar launched a solar panel of 200 watt made of A-grade black silicon cells to generate electricity from sunlight.

The cells are made of superior quality silicone which gives higher efficiency up to 20% and also performs better in low light. It is the latest panels in mono perc crystalline technology that comes with 5 busbars 36 cells and 25 years performance warranty. IP 67 rated junction with MC4 connectors and 1-meter wire is given.


  1. Brand- Ujjawal Solar
  2. Space Required- 10 sq. feet
  3. Ujjawal Solar Brand with 200 watts/12-volt mono perc crystalline
  4. 25 years performance warranty and 10 years manufacturing warranty

Additional Features

  1. Cell Conversion efficiency > ~20%
  2. Ultra cleared tempered glasses
  3. A+ Grade, anti-PID Mono cells
  4. One meter wire for connection with MC4 connectors Inside

Electrical Parameters

  1. Pmax (W)  – 200 watt
  2. Voc (V)    – 23.26 volt
  3. Isc (A)     – 9.53 amp
  4. Vmax (V)   – 19.95 volt
  5. Imax (A)   – 9.03 amp
  6. 36 number of cells

Protection: IP 67, water and dustproof & waterproof

Panel shipping Dimensions:  4.8 meters (Height) x 2.2mtr (Width)

Weight: 11 Kg.

1 review for Ujjawal solar panel 210 watts / 12 volt mono perc crystalline

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