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Off Grid Solar System For Home – Ujjawal Solar

Off-grid solar systems are systems That are Based on battery systems. These off-grid solar systems are not required Grids to generate electricity. The Off-Grid Solar System For Home is a completely off-grid system that contains solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, and other solar pieces of equipment. Off-grid Solar. Like other Solar systems, off-grid solar system for home uses solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

You Know Very Well that There are no limitations to renewable energy sources like the sun, wind, and water In This World. All We Know That the required demand for electricity is increasing day by day. Therefore the Prices per Unit of electricity also increase rapidly. corporations sectors needed lots of electricity to run their electric appliances so the government cuts ruler areas’ electricity to fulfill their demand. So to complete electricity demand and to control rising electricity prices solar Energy plays an important role. Solar Energy is an ECO-Friendly System. Solar System is a system in which solar panels are used to generate electricity with the help of sunlight. When sun Light Falls On Instaled Solar Panels then solar panels generate DC Current and then the connected inverter converts this DC Current Into AC.

Ujjawal Solar Company Based In Faridabad is one of the youngest and fastest-growing companies in the sector of Solar Energy in India. Ujjawal Solar Company Completely Makes eco-friendly Solar Panels that are completely harmless. We want to aware Peoples about the power of Sunlight and want to tell them how they can reduce their electricity bills by using sunlight. Ujjawal Solar Company Aim Is to reach every Household, Corporation, institute, industry, and commercial space and Provide them with useful information related to How to reduce their electricity bills by the use of Solar Panels.

Off-grid Solar System for Home with Battery

An off-grid solar system for home is the Best Option If You Have No Electricity In Your Area. The off-grid solar power system is a more popular Solar System For Homes that Comes with a power backup. Off-Grid Solar system For Home Helps At Night to run appliances like Fridges, Computer, Cooler, led lights, and other types of equipment.

During the day this solar system will run the connected load and the balance of energy will be stored in the solar battery. During the day, the solar system uses sunlight to generate electricity to power household appliances and store the excess power in a battery bank. When there is no sunlight at night, this system uses the power stored in the battery to run the equipment. If You live in a 2BHK House, Then You Can Install a 1kw Off-grid Solar System. By installing this Off-Grid Solar System you full fill your electricity requirements.

Off Grid solar system
Off Grid solar system

How does an off-grid solar system For Home work?

There are Four Main types of equipment in an Off Grid Solar System For a Home Like Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar Batteries, And Some Other Solar equipment with the balance of the system. You Know when sunlight falls on solar panels then, DC Current Generates By Solar Panels and forwarded to the connected batteries with the help of solar wires.

We use a Solar Inverter to convert DC Current generate by solar panels into AC Current. By The Use Of Solar inverters, we Can also Calculate how much current is generated by solar panels.

In Day Time We Can Run Our Home Appliances On this Current And the Rest Of the Power is Stored In Solar Batteries. At Night we Can Run Home Appliances By The Power Which Is Stored In Solar Batteries. This Is The Complete Information About How an off-grid solar system works For Home. This Is That Time when a solar grid for home is very necessary to live a happy life.

How can I calculate the Required solar grid for home?

By Use of an off-grid system You can run your home electric equipment like a fan, computer, led tv, lights, cooler, AC, Fridge, and Other Home Appliances. For Example, If You Live In 2-4 BHK Flate Then 1KW Off Grid Solar System Is enough for you. But if You Have a 1HP water Motor Then You Have to Install a 3 kW off-grid solar system. If You Want to Run an AC By off-grid solar Then You Have To Install a 5kW off-grid solar system. For Petrol pumps, Schools, clinics, and Shops You Have to Go With a 10KW off-grid Solar system. The off-grid solar power system is the best and most Common Type of solar power system, with Batteries Backup.

Off-grid solar panels Are the Most Common Solar System Because they work day-night. In Day Time Solar Panels Run Home Appliances and the rest power is stored in batteries. At Night When Sun Is set Down, Then the Inverter runs your all appliances with the help of power stored in batteries at day time.

What is the difference between off-grid and on-grid solar systems?

The main differences between an off-grid and on-grid solar systems are:

  • An Off-Grid solar system will work without electricity, whereas an On-Grid system won’t work.
  • The off-Grid solar system is more costly in comparison to the on-grid solar system.
  • Off-grid Systems are Used in a place Where, There is no supply of electricity, while an on-grid system is used to reduce electricity bills.
  • Off-Grid System has Not required any electricity while an on-grid solar system Required Electricity.

What are the latest technology trends in solar inverters?

There are two types of solar inverters, 1) PWM Based – relatively low efficiency, and 2) MPPT Based – high efficiency

PWM Based – PWM Technology is Known as Pulse Width Modulation. Using electrical switches inside it, the switch is turned ON/OFF very quickly so that we can get the voltage as per the requirement.

MPPT Based – MPPT is Known As Maximum PowerPoint Tracking. This is completely different from PWM technology because the supply coming from the solar panel is not fixed, then there the MPPT-type solar charge controller regulates that supply to charge the battery and charge the battery with maximum efficiency. And the efficiency of the MPPT solar charge controller is up to 30 percent higher as compared to the solar charge controller with PWM technology.

How much would an off-grid solar system price in India?

Off-Grid Solar System Price Depends on the capacity of the system which we want to install for us. There are Many Types Of off-grid systems Like 1Kw Off-Grid Systems, 2Kw Off-Grid Solar Systems, and 5KW Solar Systems, And The Maximum Range Can Be 7kw and 10kw. The Minimum Range of an off-grid system is 500W. An off-grid solar System Cost Can Be Different for different types of Applications Like 2-3 BHK houses, Shops, Schools, institutes, Temples, and Offices. The off-grid solar System Price Depends upon the Value of the Brand, Warranty, Services, and The technology used in solar panels. Off-grid system Prices for 1KW Solar System With Single Batteries Are Approx. Rs. 85,000 and with Double Batteries are approx. Rs. 105,000.

Capacity MRP (Inclusive of All Taxes) Consumer’s Price (Inclusive of All Taxes)
0.5 kW ₹85,000 ₹65,000
1kW ₹150,000 ₹96,000
3kW ₹350,000 ₹285,000
5kWh ₹680,000 ₹485,000
7.5kW ₹1,150,000 ₹665,000
10kW ₹1,30,0000 ₹950,000


How can I install off-grid solar system capacity?

 Solar Systems are Mainly Installed on homes Roofs, Tin Shade, gardens, and Other places which have sufficient space to install solar systems. If You are looking for installing an off-grid solar system Then first you have to find sufficient space on your roof or another place where you want to install a Grid-solar system. After selecting a location for the installation of an off-grid solar System, There are some Tips that Should be followed before installing the solar panel stand. Such As longitude and latitude angle, sun direction, wind pressure, wiring connection, area optimization, etc. If You want the best installation for your off-grid solar power system then an engineer visit must be done at that place.

If you are looking to install an off-grid system Then Ujjawal Solar Company Is a trusted solar panel manufacturer in India. Ujjawal solar Company has Installed many Solar Systems Like 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 5kW, 7KW, and 10KW. Most Of Their Installations are done in houses, schools, colleges, institutes, hospitals, petrol pumps, and temples. Ujjawal Solar Panel Company has Installed Many Solar Systems Across India Such as Bihar, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, and other states.

What appliances will be running on an off-grid solar-powered system?



How much does it cost to install a solar energy system?

Everyone has inverter batteries in their house these days. so if you have a single inverter battery and you want to install a solar system then the cost of the system will be approx 20000 – 25000. and if you have a double inverter battery in your house then the cost of the system will be approx 45000-50000. If You are Looking to buy 1KW off-grid solar system then you can get affordable prices at Ujjawal Solal company. This Off Grid System Can Run Load Easily in 2-3 BHK Houses.

If You Want To Buy 3KW Off-Grid Solar System Then Ujjawal Solar provides you with this system for approx 280000. This Off Grid System Can Run Load Easily in 5-7 BHK Houses, Showrooms, Institute, and Offices. This off-grid system is very powerful and runs fans, a fridge, Led TVs, Lights, a Computer, and other electric appliances.

Solar System – Wholesale Suppliers Online

Ujjawal Solar is one of the youngest and fastest-growing Brands in sectors of Solar Energy Headquartered in Delhi NCR. Our aim is to reach every household, institute, industry, and commercial space. Ujjawal Solar Have Solar Products Such As Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, And Solar Batteries for top Brands.

Ujjawal Solar Sells online Solar Products and also delivered products to all India pin codes. The company delivers products within 2-3 days to almost all locations across India. We Also Provide  Complete Solar Panels Installation as well as an engineer visit. From time to time companies give attractive offers and discount to their customers, dealers, and distributer.

How to Install Off Grid System

7 Steps How to Install Solar Panel: Step-by-Step Guide with Images & Video

Let us talk about how to install solar panels. It is so simple that one can do it by himself or maybe with the help of an EPC installer. For the convenience of the consumers, the company has made it all the easier by providing a step-by-step guide to install it . It is very simple to install at home and the guide is written in such a way that even a person who does not know anything about it can install it in his home without any hassle. We have already discussed 1 kW rooftop solar system installation.

Here are the simple steps to install solar panels:

Step – 1: Solar Panel Installation Made Easy

Step – 2: Assemble the parts of the Solar Panels

Step – 3: Electrical wiring should be done neatly

Step – 4: There must be a proper connection established between Solar Panel and Solar Inverter

Step – 5: There must be a proper connection established between Solar Inverter and Solar Battery

Step – 6: Again the connection between Solar Inverter and Grid

Step – 7: Start Solar Inverter through Solar Panel & Grid

Step – 8: See Solar Panel Installation Video

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