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Luminous Solar NXI 1kw on grid solar inverter



Luminous 1kw on-grid solar inverter

5 Years warranty



Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar 1kw On-Grid solar inverter is powerful inverters that convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC), It is also called an On-Grid system which works without a battery. The main purpose of Grid-tied inverter is to supply power from Mains supply to home/offices and feed the Generation of solar Power to Mains supply

Grid-Tie Inverters are designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down. It ensures that in the event of a blackout, the grid-tie inverter will shut down to prevent the energy it transfers from harming any line workers who are sent to fix the power grid.

On Gird/ Gird Tied inverter for Saving electricity bill by selling access generation of Solar Power to Power distribution Company through a Net metering system.

Key Technicals

Model Name NXI 110
System Rating 1 KW, Single Phase
Maximum Solar Panel Connection (Watts) 1000 Watts
Efficiency 96.80%
Feed-in Phase Single-phase
Topology Transformerless
Number of MPPT Controller One
Noise < 30dBA
Weight (kg) 9.8 Kg
Dimensions [H *W *D] 339 * 565 * 172


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