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1kw On Grid Solar System In India – Ujjawal Solar

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Ujjawal solar 1kw on Grid Solar System can provide you all-day electricity if your Home Load is Approx 4500watt. You Can Run Your Home Appliances with your On-Grid solar system. This 1kw On Grid Solar System Generates about 4500-5000 watts In a Day. with The Help Of Sun rays, This On Grid Solar System will Provide electricity all day. With this 1kw solar system, You can run a fan, TV, Refrigerator, and other home appliances with an 800watts load same time.


1kw On-grid Solar System Price in India

with 25 Years* Warranty

Rs. 73,499/-

1kw On grid Solar System Product Details :

A 1kW ongrid solar system is a solar power system that is capable of producing 1,000 watts of electricity at any given time. It is typically used as a backup power source in homes or businesses, as well as to provide power during peak times or to supplement other energy sources. The system consists of solar panels, an inverter, and a battery bank to store the energy.

Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. This electricity is then used to power your home. An ongrid solar system is connected to the public electricity grid and is used to supplement your home‘s electricity needs.

1kw On grid Solar System Generation per Day

A 1kW On Grid Solar System will typically generate around 5-6 units of electricity per day, depending on the location and weather conditions. This is equivalent to around 45 kWh of electricity per day, which can be used to power appliances and lighting in your home. The amount of electricity generated can also be stored in batteries for use later. The amount of electricity generated from a 1kW system also depends on the type of solar panel used. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels generally have higher efficiency than amorphous solar panels. Additionally, the amount of electricity generated will also depend on

Note: It does not work when there is a power failure. 

Space Required to Install 1kw On Grid Solar System

The exact space required to install a 1kW ongrid solar system will depend on the type of system you are installing and the amount of space you have available. Generally speaking, most 1kW ongrid solar systems require around 1015 square meters of space, but this may vary depending on the type of system you install. To be sure of the exact space requirements, it is best to consult with a qualified solar installer.

  • 5 units generation every day.
  • 100 sq feet of rooftop space is required for installation.
  • Not including standard installation.

What are the components in a 1kw On Grid solar system?

1kW on-grid solar system consists of Many components By Using them this system generates electricity with the help of sunlight and Send it into the grid. Here are the key components of such a system:

Main Products Kit

  • Solar Panels –  420 watts * 3 nos. (Mono perc crystalline half cut)
  • Inverter   –  1.5 kw
  • Solar Panel Stand
  • Other equipment for installation.

Usage: Lighting load: fan, television, refrigerator, lights

Solar Panels – Solar panels are the primary components Of any solar panel system that capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. The Requirement of Solar Panels will depend on their wattage and efficiency. For a 1kW system, you’d typically need around 3-4 solar panels with an average wattage of 250-330W each.

Inverter – An inverter is a crucial component that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) after which can be used in your home. You’ll need an On-grid Solar inverter designed for a 1kW system.

Mounting Structure – When you Install Solar Panels for Home you have to need a Mounting Structure. Solar panels are installed on a mounting structure to securely position them on your roof or another suitable location with maximum exposure to sunlight. The type of mounting structure depends on your installation site and the roof structure.

DC Box – A DC Box switch is installed between the solar panels and the inverter. These DC Box Filters The current which produced by solar panels.

AC Box – An AC Box is used between the inverter and your electrical panel. It allows you to disconnect the solar system from the grid when necessary.

Net Meter – Your existing electricity meter Will be replaced with a net meter. This meter records the electricity you consume from the Government Electricity and the surplus electricity you feed back into the grid.

Wiring and Electrical Components – You may need additional electrical components such as wiring, circuit breakers, and surge protectors to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your system.

Things need to know before installing a 1kw On Grid Solar System

Before installing a 1kw On Grid Solar System, there are several things you need to know.
1. Firstly, you should be aware of the solar system components. This includes understanding the correct type of panels, inverter, and mounting system that you need for your system. You should also familiarize yourself with the electrical wiring requirements and be sure that your home is properly grounded.
2. Secondly, you should research the local laws and regulations regarding the installation of a solar system. This will help to ensure that your installation meets all safety requirements and that you are not in violation of any laws.
3. Thirdly, you should calculate the amount of energy you need to generate to meet your energy needs. This will help you determine the number of panels and size of inverter you need for your system.
4. Finally, you should consider the cost of installation and maintenance of the system. Solar systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they are functioning correctly and producing the maximum amount of energy.
This includes cleaning the panels, replacing parts, and checking the wiring. Additionally, you should consider the cost of an energy storage system, such as a battery bank, to store energy for later use.

1kw On Grid Solar System Prices

1kw On Grid Solar System prices vary depending on the type of system, brand, and components. In general, a 1kw On Grid Solar System can cost anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000. The cost of a 1kw On Grid Solar System is affected by the number of panels, the type of inverter, the type of mounting system, and other components. The cost of installation is also a factor that can increase the overall cost of the system.

Technical Details

inverter model According to requirement
Peak load handing 1200 watts
efficiency Inverter – 80%, Module >21%
module type Mono perc crystalline half cut
Installation cost included yes
Delivery Cost yes

Panel Shipping Details:

  1. Dimensions: 2 meter (Length) x 1 meter (Width)
  2. Weight: 25 Kg. (Single panel)

DC vs AC Module :

PV Module Cost Efficiency warranty shaded panel performance performance on the complicated roof Space-saving and monitoring of panels net meter
DC Module Low Low 5 years Least Least No Compulsory
AC Module High High 25 Years Good Good Yes Optional

Disclaimer: In case, you want to go for a net meter, it has to be applied by the homeowner itself.

Download the engineering diagram and data sheet to install this solar system.


1kW on-grid solar system for home offers a compelling entry point into the world of renewable energy. While it may not completely eliminate your electricity bills, it brings numerous advantages. It significantly reduces your reliance on conventional energy sources, leading to lower monthly expenses and the potential for long-term cost savings. Furthermore, it aligns with environmental stewardship by decreasing your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. This sustainable choice not only has a solid return on investment but also enhances the resale value of your home, making it an attractive option for homeowners looking to embrace clean energy and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

(FAQ) For a 1kW on-grid solar system for a home

Q1. What is a 1kW on-grid solar system?

  • A 1kW on-grid solar system is a small solar power setup designed to generate electricity from sunlight and feed it into the electrical grid. It typically consists of solar panels, an inverter, and other necessary components.

Q2. How many solar panels are needed for a 1kW On Grid Solar system?

  • The number of solar panels needed depends on their wattage. For panels with an average wattage of 250-330W, you’d typically require around 3-4 panels to create a 1kW system.

Q3. What can a 1kW solar system power in a home?

  • A 1kW system can power a portion of your home’s electricity needs, such as lighting, small appliances, and electronics. The exact amount of power generated depends on factors like sunlight and panel efficiency.

Q4. How much space is required for a 1kW On Grid solar system?

  • The physical space needed for a 1kW system depends on the size and type of solar panels. On average, it might require about 80-100 square feet of roof space.

Q5. What is an on-grid (grid-tied) solar system?

  • An on-grid solar system is connected to the local electrical grid. It allows you to use solar-generated electricity in your home and, if you generate excess energy, feed it back into the grid for a credit or compensation.

Q6. Will a 1kW system eliminate my electricity bills completely?

  • A 1kW system is relatively small and may not eliminate your electricity bills entirely. It can significantly reduce your bills, but the extent depends on factors like your energy consumption and the local net metering policies.

Q7. What is net metering, and how does it work with a 1kW On Grid Solar system?

  • Net metering allows you to receive credits or compensation for excess electricity you feed back into the grid. With a 1kW system, you can benefit from net metering by offsetting your electricity costs.

Q8. What is the average payback period for a 1kW solar system?

  • The payback period varies depending on factors like your location, energy usage, and local incentives. On average, it can range from 5 to 10 years.

Q9. Do I need special permits or approvals to install a 1kW solar system at home?

  • Yes, you may need permits and approvals from local authorities or utility companies to install a solar system. Regulations vary by location, so it’s essential to check with the relevant authorities.

Q10. What maintenance is required for a 1kW on-grid solar system?

  • Solar systems require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of panels and occasional inspections to ensure everything is functioning optimally are usually sufficient.

Q11. Can I install a 1kW On Grid solar system myself, or should I hire a professional?

  • While it’s possible to install a small system yourself, it’s generally advisable to hire a professional solar installer. They can ensure proper installation, safety, and adherence to local regulations.

Q12. Are there government incentives or tax credits for 1kW On Grid solar systems?

  • Government incentives and tax credits vary by location. Check with local authorities or visit official energy-related websites to find out about available incentives in your area.


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