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Registration For Stockist of Ujjawal Solar



Stockist of Ujjawal Solar – The stock of Panels

with Ujjawal Solar

Rs. 20,000

Rs. 10,000

Call – 8287218386

Ujjawal Solar is allowing you to Start a New Solar business with us.

Ujjawal Solar gives the best opportunity to expand their business by becoming a solar stockist. register your business with us and make money in the fastest-growing solar industry. learn about solar, understand the product,

It is creating new-age solar entrepreneurs by allowing them to learn about solar, For details talk to the sales team @ +91 8085005100

Eligibility Criteria to Become a Stockist.

  • You must have a Shop, valid GST, shop, and knowledge of solar.
  • after registration, the Stockist needs to procure stocks of INR 5,00,000/- for distribution to local distributors and dealers within 10 days or earlier.

Support for Growing business

  • Business listing on Ujjawal Solar website.
  • In one state, there will be only one stockist.
  • Marketing support to advertise the product and create new dealers
  • All distributors in the city/state will purchase material from stockists.
  • Any technical help, and technical support will be provided by Ujjawal Solar.


Disclaimer: The registration amount once paid is non-refundable


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