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Solar Installer Engineer



Installer Engineer

with Ujjawal Solar

Rs. 1,500 

Rs. 5,00 /-

Job Description for Solar Energy System Installer

Solar energy system installers’ main responsibility is to install solar equipment in residential and commercial buildings. They must make sure that the installation is done properly, as well as provide excellent customer service to the client. These installers generally work with a construction manager to make sure that the installed solar energy system will meet the client’s expectations.

Solar Energy System Installer Tasks

  1. Assemble and install solar photovoltaic systems.
  2. Test the installed system for desired performance.
  3. Assess the placement site and measure for security and fit.
  4. Prepare the site for the solar system, including cutting holes and connecting electrical wiring.

Benefits of Installer

  1. One time register with Ujjawal Solar and get an opportunity to earn a Lifetime.
  2. We are dealing with multiple and reputed brands.
  3. Can do part-time work with us and earn more money.
  4. We are allowing our installer to work on the pan-India level.
  5. If any installation in your district takes place then we will contact you for the installation of those products.


Disclaimer: The registration amount once paid is non-refundable



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