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Luminous Shine 2420 Solar Charge Controller 20 amps, 12V / 24 volt



Luminous shine 2420 solar charger 20 amps, 12V / 24-volt charge controller

with one year Warranty

Rs. 2,400/-

Product Summary

Luminous shine 2420 solar charger is PWM based technology and an upgraded version of a solar charge controller that converts normal inverter into a hybrid solar system, which means if you already have an inverter and battery, by adding a suitable solar panel and shine 2420 retrofit, your existing ups/inverter will be converted into a solar hybrid inverter.

The first priority of shine 2420 is to charge a battery, in case of extra power generation, it will run home appliances such as fans, lights directly from the solar panel.

Panel Support: 360 watts with a single battery and 700 watts with a double battery

Technical Details and Display

  • Operational modes: auto/manual/charger/100% solar and battery type selection switch
  • inbuilt protections for short circuit, over-voltage and deep discharge
  • battery voltage – charge level of battery
  • PV voltage – solar panel generating voltage
  • PV current – solar panel generating power in amps


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