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3kw Solar System Price In India 2023

3kw solar system


3kw Solar System Price for Home

If you want to upgrade your home then a solar system is the best option to upgrade your home. A 3kw Solar system is a sufficient system for any home. with a solar system, you can run your submersible pump, AC, and many computers together. If you want to install a solar system for Home then you should know about the 3kw solar system price in India.

This Solar system is Mostly used in urban areas, Offices, commercial shops, and factories. By using this solar system for Home we can produce about 15-18 units per day. If your monthly bill is about Rs.3000 per month then. 3kva solar panel system is a sufficient system for your home. This solar panel system consists of Mono crystalline half-cut Solar Panels, Solar inverters, Solar panel stands, and other solar equipment.

3kw Solar System For Home Use

This Solar System can run all home appliances like fans, t.v, washing machines, led lights, and water pumps with air conditioners. This Solar system is very useful for big houses. If You Use a Battery bank in this system, then this solar system will always be ready to generate power. You can use your batteries at night.

Benefits of using a 3kW solar system for home

By using a Solar system 3kw for Home you can get 24 hours electricity in your home. 3kw solar system is enough system for any medium house and office. You can Save up to Rs.3000 per month by using this solar system for your Home.

What are the main components of a 3kw solar system?

5kva Solar System for home contains solar panelssolar inverterssolar panel stands, solar batteries, and other solar types of equipment.

1. Solar Panel420-watt Monoperc half-cut
2. Inverter3.5kw Solar Inverter 
3. Battery150Ah Solar Battery
4. BoS ComponentsSolar Panel Stand, DC Wire, Distribution Box, Earthing Kit, etc.

3kw Solar system Price In India

The Price of any solar system for a Home is based on the capacity of the system. There are many factors on which the 3kw solar system prices depend like the type of solar panel, brand, inverter generation, batteries generations, solar panel stands Quality and Quality of solar installation kits, etc. The prices for solar systems are given below..

On grid solar system price:- This solar system is used where there are approx 20 hours of electricity. this system is used to reduce electricity. On Grid solar system prices are given below

On Grid System CapacityMarket PricePrice Per Watt
1kW on Grid Solar SystemRs. 110,499Rs. 73,499
2kW On Grid Solar SystemRs. 185,499Rs. 135,499
3kW On Grid Solar SystemRs. 331,499Rs. 191,499
5kW On Grid Solar SystemRs. 449,499Rs. 315,499
 8kW On Grid Solar SystemRs. 651,499Rs. 481,499
10kW On Grid Solar SystemRs. 784,499Rs. 595,499

Off grid solar system Prices:- This solar system is used where there is no electricity. In this system, we have to use batteries to store electricity for backup. Off Grid solar system prices are given below

CapacityMRP (Inclusive of All Taxes)Consumer’s Price (Inclusive of All Taxes)
1kw off grid solar systemRs.120,000Rs.98,500
2kw off grid solar systemRs.222,700Rs.175500
3kw off grid solar systemRs.330,800Rs.266500
5kw off grid solar systemRs.550,700Rs.445500
10kw off grid solar systemRs.895,500Rs.755500

Why should I choose a 3kw solar system?

3 kW solar system is the best way to upgrade your home to a solar-powered home. By using this system you can run your all home appliances like fridges, washing machines, Cooler, A.C, water pumps and home appliances. It is a complete solar setup that generally includes solar panels, a solar inverter, a solar battery, and other solar accessories. These are all high-efficiency solar components, which are known for their unique functionality. 3kw solar system prices depend on the type and brand of the solar system.  Download the engineering diagram and data sheet to install this solar system for home.

How to Buy

If you are looking to install a 3kW Solar System, we suggest you, first have to make an engineer visit. they will tell you about investment, benefits, installation, and other important information which you have to know before installing a solar system. The Haryana-based solar company, Ujjawal Solar provides engineer visits across India, you can book from your phone now. They will provide you best quality of products at affordable prices.


Here we provide all information related to 3kw solar system price in India. If you want an engineer visit at your doorstep then you can book an engineer visit. Ujjawal Solar Faridabad Based company provides Quality Solar panels For Homes at very Affordable prices. so if you want to Install a solar system for your home then you can visit Ujjawal solar store. Ujjawal Solar provides its services across India.

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