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10kw Off Grid Solar System For Home – Ujjawal Solar

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10kw Off Grid Solar System Price In India

with 5 Years Warranty

Rs. 7,55,500/-

10kw Off Grid Solar System Product Summary

Ujjawal Solar 10kw Off Grid Solar System can complete the requirement of electricity for big offices, institutes, and other businesses. This Off grid solar system is a sufficient system for a big business. You can run all Home Appliances with this system. This solar system has no harm to the atmosphere. This 10kw Solar System Can Generate a 9500-watt real-time load which is enough to run electric appliances in big houses and offices etc. Inverter efficiency would be 97% and module efficiency would be approximately 16%.

Space Required to Install 10kw Off Grid Solar System

The required space to install any solar system is about 100 sqft per kilowatt. So If You want to install a 10kw solar system for your homes and offices then the required space to install a 10kw solar system is approx 1000 sqft. The rooftop is the best place to install any solar system for a home. In this 10kw Solar System Ujjawal Solar Company provides Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar Batteries, Solar Panel Stands, Installation Kits, and Other solar accessories Required to install an Off-grid Solar System.

  • 50 units generation every day
  • 1,000 sq feet rooftop space required installation
  • return on investment in 5 years with 10,000 electricity-saving every month.

List of components required to Install a 10kW off grid solar system in India?

A 10kW off-grid solar system in India is designed to generate and store a substantial amount of electricity for larger residences, small businesses, or facilities in areas without access to the main electrical grid. Here’s a list of the key components required for a 10kW off-grid solar system:

  1. Solar Panels: To generate 10kW of power, you’ll need a significant number of solar panels. The exact number depends on the wattage of the panels. For example, with 250W panels, you might require forty panels (40 x 250W = 10kW).
  2. Charge Controller: A charge controller is necessary to regulate the voltage and current from the solar panels efficiently and charge the batteries without overcharging or over-discharging.
  3. Battery Bank: You will need a substantial and robust battery bank to store the surplus electricity generated during the day for use during periods of low or no sunlight. The battery capacity should be sufficient to meet the higher power demand.
  4. Inverter: A larger and more powerful inverter is essential to convert the DC electricity generated by the solar panels and stored in the batteries into AC electricity for household appliances and devices.
  5. Mounting Structure: The mounting structure should be designed to accommodate the increased number of solar panels, secure them in place, and optimize sun exposure.
  6. Wiring and Cables: Proper wiring and cables are essential to connect the expanded array of solar panels, charge controller, batteries, and inverter. Adequate wiring ensures safety and system efficiency.
  7. Disconnect Switch: A disconnect switch allows for the safe isolation of the entire system from the electrical grid during maintenance or repairs.
  8. DC and AC Breakers: These breakers protect the system from electrical faults and overloads, enhancing safety.
  9. Lightning Arrestor: It’s recommended to install a lightning arrestor to protect the system from lightning strikes and electrical surges.
  10. Metering and Monitoring Equipment: A 10kW system typically requires sophisticated monitoring equipment to accurately track system performance and battery status.
  11. Safety Equipment: Ensure that proper grounding and safety equipment are in place to minimize electrical hazards.
  12. Installation and Mounting Hardware: You’ll need various nuts, bolts, clamps, and brackets to securely install the larger array of solar panels and ensure proper functionality.
  13. Backup Generator (Optional): In areas with extended periods of low sunlight or frequent power outages, you may choose to include a backup generator to provide electricity during such conditions.

Main products 

  • Solar Panels – 420 watts * 24 nos (Mono crystalline half cut)
  • Inverter – 10.5 kW
  • Battery –  150 Ah (12 nos.)
  • Solar Panel Stands

Running load

Ujjawal Solar Off Grid Solar Panel system can Give up to 9500 watts of power in real-time. This 10kw solar System Can run up to 15 LED lights, 2 Ceiling Fans, an LED TV, a refrigerator, a mixer, a Laptop/Mobile Charging, and AC at the same time. With this system, you can generate 50-54 units per day. and approx 1500-1700 units per month. This solar system Can generate Approximately 56000 Watts per day.

Protection: Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off.

Subsidy: Ujjawal Solar does not offer any subsidy on off-grid solar systems.

Backup time*

Load 1000W 8000 W 600 W3 400 W 300 W
Duration 10 hrs 30 mint 14 hrs 11 hrs 15hrs 18 hrs

Note: Battery Backup may be increased or decreased due to electric appliance loads above approx hours as mentioned.

Technical Details

inverter model According to requirement
Peak load handing 9500 watts
efficiency Inverter – 97%, Module >16%
module type Monocrystalline half cut
Installation cost included yes
Delivery Cost yes
battery included Yes

Download the engineering diagram and data sheet to install this solar system.


10kW off grid solar system in India represents a powerful and transformative step towards energy self-sufficiency and environmental responsibility for larger residences, businesses, and remote facilities situated in regions without access to the central power grid. With an extensive array of solar panels, a robust battery bank, and a high-capacity inverter, this system is well-equipped to meet substantial power demands, offering a reliable and continuous supply of electricity for a wide range of appliances, equipment, and lighting needs. Its ability to harness the abundant solar resources in India, coupled with advanced energy storage, not only reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources but also significantly mitigates environmental impact and carbon emissions. As the world embraces sustainable energy solutions, the 10kW off grid solar system stands as a critical contributor to energy security, economic savings, and a greener future for the country. Proper design, professional installation, and regular maintenance are vital to maximize the system’s efficiency and longevity, making it an invaluable investment in India’s journey towards a more sustainable and energy-independent future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to a 10kW off-grid solar system in India

1. What is a 10kW off grid solar system?

  • A 10kW off-grid solar system is a standalone power generation setup designed to operate independently of the main electrical grid. It includes solar panels, batteries, and an inverter to generate, store, and convert solar energy into usable electricity for larger residences, businesses, or remote facilities.

2. How many solar panels are required for a 10kW system?

  • The number of solar panels needed for a 10kW system depends on the wattage and efficiency of the panels. With 250W panels, you might require forty panels (40 x 250W) to achieve a 10kW capacity.

3. What appliances can a 10kW off grid system power?

  • A 10kW system can power a wide range of appliances, including lights, fans, refrigerators, air conditioning, computers, water pumps, and various other equipment. It can handle moderate to high-energy-consuming devices.

4. How much space is needed for the solar panels in a 10kW system?

  • The space required for solar panels depends on their wattage and efficiency. Typically, you’ll need approximately 800-1,000 square feet of unshaded area for the panels in a 10kW system.

5. What is the cost of a 10kW off grid solar system in India?

  • The cost of a 10kW off-grid solar system can vary based on factors like the quality of components, location, and installation costs. As of my last update in September 2021, it could range from ₹9,60,000 to ₹18,00,000 or more.

6. Can I expand a 10kW system in the future?

  • Yes, a 10kW system can be expanded in the future by adding more solar panels, batteries, and a larger inverter to increase your energy capacity.

7. How often do the batteries in a 10kW off grid system need replacement?

  • Battery lifespan depends on factors like usage and maintenance. In general, lead-acid batteries may need replacement every 3-5 years, while lithium-ion batteries can last longer, often up to 10 years or more.

8. Are there government incentives or subsidies for 10kW off grid solar systems in India?

  • The Indian government has offered various incentives and subsidies for solar installations, including off-grid systems. It’s essential to check for the latest updates on government support programs.

9. What maintenance is required for a 10kW off grid solar system?

  • Regular maintenance includes cleaning the solar panels, checking the battery bank, and monitoring the system’s performance. Periodic professional inspections are also recommended.

10. Can a 10kW system power an entire business or facility off-grid?

  • A 10kW off-grid system can meet the electricity needs of many businesses and smaller facilities, but its suitability depends on factors like energy consumption and the number and types of appliances and equipment used. Larger commercial facilities may require larger systems.


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