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Luminous Solar 150Ah Tubular Battery
with 5 Years Warranty

Rs. 20,500

Rs. 20,989

Product summary Luminous Solar 150Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous 150 Ah solar battery is the highest-selling battery model in India. It can be connected with any inverter and provides up to 4-5 hours of power backup during power outages, It stores a power of 1800 watts when it is fully charged.

Model LPTT 12150H
Rated Capacity 150 Ah
Replacement warranty 5 years
Technology Tall Tubular
Inverter support 900 VA – 10 KVA
Nominal Voltage 12 Volt


Backup time*

Load 500W 400W 300W 200W 100W
Duration 2 hrs 45 mint 3 hrs 40 mint 5 hrs 15 mint 9 hrs 22 hrs 5 mint


The battery has a life expectancy of a minimum of 1200 cycles and 80% depth of discharge. The life expectancy of the battery is 8-10 years.  It is suitable for almost all inverters and its overcharge tolerance level is far better than flat plate batteries.

  • Tub Flooded Solar Batteries specially designed for Solar Applications
  • Low maintenance with Topping up Frequency once in 8-10 months
  • Self-discharge rate – 3% per month @ 27˚C
  • C10 rated Capacity with Higher AH Efficiency >90%


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