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Solar Panels For Home Haryana 2024

Solar Panels For Home Haryana


Solar Panels For Home Haryana

Haryana – Haryana was established on November 1, 1966, as a separate state of the Republic of India. Despite having only 1.37 percent of the country’s geographical area and 2% of the population, Haryana has made stupendous achievements in various fields which are comparable to other states. Haryana has become a leading state by developing rapidly in various fields.

Today Haryana is on top in the production of milk and food grains as well as solar energy. Many bridges and flyovers built in Haryana them are facilitating the traffic. Solar In Haryana plays an effective role so Every village in the state is shining with electric lights and Solar System lights and is connected by roads for commuting.

How to Install Solar in Haryana?

Per Month Bill (in Rs.)Required System Payback
10001kw Solar System1-2 Years
20002kw Solar System2-3 Years
3,0003kW Solar System4-5 years
5,0005kW Solar System4-5 years
10,00010kW Solar System4-5 years

The use of Solar panels is very beneficial for industrial and commercial sectors. In Compare to the government grid, solar energy is much cheaper. You can also earn money by installing Solar Panels for Home. By investing in solar you can get your money back in just 4-5 years.

Haryana Electricity Unit Rates

UnitCharges Per Unit (Rs.)
Up to 50 unitsRs 2 per unit
51-150 unitsRs 2.50 per unit
151-250 unitsRs 5.25 per unit
251-500 unitsRs 6.30 per unit
Electricity Duty₹ 20.63
Haryana Sanctioned Load3 kW / 5 kW

The average rate of electricity units in Haryana for residential consumers is Rs 6.30 per unit and for commercial consumers Rs 11 per unit including all taxes and duties. Whether you are doing a government or private job or your business… as soon as the month is over, the billing queue starts. Didn’t get a salary and the tension of paying bills started.

We have described the Rate Of Electricity in Haryana Above. Per Unit, charges are very high. We have talked to Haryana’s local people about electricity units. And They Tell Us That the electricity charges are very high. In Haryana, There are slab unit charges for electricity. In Haryana, 65% of Houses have a 3kw sanction load, 20% of Houses have 2kw, and the rest of the houses have a 1kw or less Sanction Load.

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Conclusion:- In this article, we describe solar panels for homes with complete information.

List of Solar Installers in FARIDABAD?

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2nd Floor, Nehru Ground, Nit 1 Faridabad, Haryana 121001
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M No. 094250 00713
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