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What is TopCon Solar Panel Technology?

Topcon Solar Panel


TopCon Solar Panel, short for Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact, typically refers to a specific solar cell design or technology. In the solar industry, researchers and companies continually working to Increase the efficiency and performance of solar Panels. The choice of materials, design, and manufacturing processes significantly impact a solar panel’s overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Why We Choose Topcon Technology Solar Cell?

Researchers focus on increasing the efficiency of solar cells to capture more sunlight and convert it into electricity. Higher efficiency means more power generation for the same amount of sunlight. According to the latest NREL report, TopCon solar cells have achieved up to 28% conversion efficiency, which is higher than that of traditional solar cells. Here we are providing some Benefits of Using Topcon Solar Cell Technology.

  • Efficiency ImprovementsTopCon solar panel is Famous for its higher efficiencies. The tunnel oxide passivated contact design helps reduce recombination losses, which occur when charge carriers (electrons and holes) recombine before reaching the electrical contacts. By minimizing these losses, TOPCon Solar cells can achieve higher conversion efficiencies.
  • Better Performance in Low-Light Conditions – The enhanced electron transport properties of the TOPCon Solar Panel can result in better performance under low-light conditions. This is a significant advantage, especially For Those Areas that have low sunlight and mostly cloudy days. In these areas, traditional solar cells experience a decrease in Their efficiency.
  • Potential for Bifacial Applications – The design principles of TOPCon Solar cells may make them suitable for bifacial solar panel applications. Bifacial Solar panels can capture sunlight from both the front and rear sides, potentially increasing the overall energy yield by utilizing reflected sunlight.

Difference Between Mono Perc Cells and Topcon Cells

FutureMono Perc CellsTopcon Cells
      Technology and StructureMono Perc cells are an evolution of traditional monocrystalline solar cells. They feature a passivated emitter at the front and a passivated rear surface. The passivation layers help reduce recombination losses, improving the overall efficiency of the solar cell.Mono-Perc cells typically use passivated layers on both the front and rear sides of the cell. The passivation layers are designed to reduce the chances of charge carriers (electrons and holes) recombining, thereby improving the efficiency of the solar cell.
Passivation LayerMono Perc cells typically use passivated layers on both the front and rear sides of the cell. The passivation layers are designed to reduce the chances of charge carriers (electrons and holes) recombining, thereby improving the efficiency of the solar cell.Topcon cells specifically incorporate a tunnel oxide layer, which serves as a passivation layer. The tunnel oxide layer helps to passivate the contacts and reduce recombination losses, contributing to higher efficiency.
Mono Perc cells often feature a rear-side emitter design. The passivated rear surface helps in minimizing recombination losses, and the emitter at the rear allows for better collection of the charge carriers.Topcon cells utilize a tunnel oxide layer as part of the contact design. This layer facilitates efficient electron transport and minimizes contact resistance, contributing to improved overall electrical performance.
Efficiency and PerformanceMono Perc technology enhances the efficiency of monocrystalline solar cells, typically achieving higher efficiency levels compared to traditional designs.Topcon technology focuses on achieving high solar cell efficiencies by reducing recombination losses and optimizing electron transport within the cell.
Market Adoption and MaturityMono Perc technology has been widely adopted in the solar industry and has achieved a certain level of maturity. It is a well-established technology with a track record of success.Topcon technology may be considered a more recent innovation, and its adoption may be in the process of increasing. The technology’s market presence and maturity may vary depending on the specific manufacturer and industry trends.

It’s important to note that the solar industry is dynamic, and advancements continue to be made. For the most up-to-date and accurate information on MonoPERC Solar cells and TOPCon Solar cells, including their specific efficiencies, applications, and market presence, it’s recommended to check with manufacturers, industry publications, and research reports.

Topcon Solar Panel Manufacturer in India

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