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Solar In Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

Solar In Kanpur


Solar In Kanpur – Kanpur is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and is renowned for its industrial production. Solar power is becoming a popular renewable energy source in Kanpur and is being adopted by many people and businesses due to its affordability and low environmental impact.

Solar In Kanpur

Solar energy is generated by capturing the heat and light emitted by the sun and converting it into electricity. Solar energy is a clean and sustainable energy source, which makes it a great option for Kanpur. Solar energy can be used to power homes, businesses, and other applications. With the increasing demand for renewable energy sources, solar energy is becoming more and more prevalent in Kanpur. It is not only cost-effective but also helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy is a great way for Kanpur to reduce its environmental footprint and become more sustainable.

Why Solar Panel For Home In Kanpur Are Necessary

Here we describe why solar are important for Home In Kanpur

1. Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is facing major electricity Problems. with lots of Power cutoffs, There is full of darkness in Many Areas of Kanpur.

2. In Kanpur Many Times power cut for 5-6 hours. And this happens 8-10 times a Month. Many power cutoffs have been seen to last for more than 8 hours, Due to These Major Power Cutoffs People have to face many problems In Kanpur.

3. The current shortage has been attributed to higher-than-normal demand due to rising temperatures as well as insufficient capacity to generate and supply adequate power.

4. Further power cuts are likely to occur in the future due to the growing demand and lack of generation capacity.

5. In order to prevent power outages in the future, the government needs to invest in improving Kanpur’s power infrastructure and creating more generation capacity.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels In Kanpur

1. Reduced electricity bills: By installing solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bills per month upto 80%, and you can use clean, renewable energy generated from the sun.

2. Improved air quality: These days air pollution increasing day by day in Kanpur. You Know Very well that solar panels work with sunlight and make No Pollution. Therefore using the solar system in your home can Improve air Quality In Kanpur.

3. Low maintenance costs: Solar panels require very little maintenance once they are installed, meaning you can enjoy free electrical energy for a long time.

4. Increase home value: Properties with solar panels usually get higher sale prices and higher resale values once installed.

5. Tax credits and incentives: Installing solar panels may qualify you for various tax credits, rebates, and incentives.

6. Optimal energy consumption: Solar panels allow you to reduce your electricity costs while taking advantage of available sunlight with smart energy consumption.

How is solar system cheaper than electricity In Kanpur?

Most of the people in Kanpur use government electricity and you know about the cost of electricity per unit. and if you use generators for electricity then this is very costly for us. Solar Energy production requires no costs for fuel Because solar energy is produced with the help of solar panels and sun rays. By using solar energy there is no need to use government electricity by which you can save lots of money. The Installation Costs of Solar Panels can be Taken back within 5 years. So solar systems are cheaper than electricity In Kanpur.

What is the rate of Electricity Units In Kanpur

How Much Money You Can Save with Solar Energy In Kanpur Per Year

If you Install a 1kw Solar System In Kanpur Then Here we describe how much you can save money in Kanpur per year.

Solar SystemUnitsSaving
1kw Solar system Per Months Generation5 Units30-40 RS. Per Day
1kw Solar system Per Months Generation150 Units900 – 1200 RS. Per Months
1kw Solar system Per Year Generation1800 Units10800 – 14400 RS. Per Year

What is the new technology for solar panels In Kanpur?

As you know this is the time of technology. Every Technology gets most of the updates every year. Like this solar panel systems updates every year. Now Mono crystalline Half cut and Mono Crystalline Half Cut Bifacial technology trends in Indian Market. This Technology Works In Raining Wheather And Low Sun Light Also. So If you are looking to buy a Solar system In Kanpur then Go With Mono Crystalline Technology.

There are two types of technology in a solar system that are best. Here we describe some important factors of Solar Technology

  1. Mono Crystalline:- Monocrystalline solar technology is the most efficient type of solar energy technology, typically converting up to 18-20% of energy from the sun into usable electricity. These solar cells are made from a single, large crystal of silicon which is cut into very thin slices, coated with an anti-reflective material, and joined to a solar panel. They are more space efficient, often lasting for around 25 years with a well-functioning system and Minimum degradation in output. Monocrystalline solar panels are aesthetically pleasing due to their uniform black color and operate most efficiently when the sun is at its peak. Monocrystalline solar cells have become more affordable in recent years due to advances in technological efficiency as well as increased access to affordable solar equipment.

2. polycrystalline Technology:- Polycrystalline solar technology is a form of photovoltaic technology that uses multiple crystals of semiconducting material to create cells that convert solar energy into electrical energy. Polycrystalline solar technology is highly efficient and produces an energy conversion rate that is typically between 14-16%. Polycrystalline cells have a blue-tinted hue, making them visually distinct from monocrystalline cells. The cost of polycrystalline solar technology is less than monocrystalline, making it a viable option with a tighter budget. Polycrystalline solar technology requires more area than monocrystalline cells for the same output, as the individual cells are smaller.

1kW Solar Panel Price in Kanpur

The 1kW Solar Panel Price in Kanpur is quite affordable and ranges from Rs. 32,000 to Rs. 45,000. This price range depends on the brand, quality, and warranty of the solar panel. The 1kW Solar Panel can provide up to 4 units of electricity per day and can save up to Rs. 3,500 a month on electricity bills. The benefits of this type of solar panels for Home are numerous and include reducing your electricity costs, helping the environment, and providing a reliable source of energy. Kanpur is an ideal city to install a 1kW Solar Panel as it has a suitable climate and infrastructure to support the installation.

The price list of 1kW solar panels with their variants is listed below:

Solar Panels For HomeQuantityAmount
420W solar panels316,955 * 3 = 50,865
335W solar panels2135,00 * 2= 27,000
595W Bi-Facial solar panel228,000 * 2= 56,000
540W solar panel2On-Demand

2kW Solar Panel Price in Kanpur

The 2kW Solar Panel Price in Kanpur is quite affordable and is one of the cheapest in the country. The average price of a 2kW Solar Panel in Kanpur is around Rs. 70,000 and can go up to Rs. 1,40,000 depending upon the brand and quality. This price includes the cost of solar panel installation and other associated charges. With the rising costs of electricity, more and more people in Kanpur are opting for solar power and the 2kW Solar Panel is the perfect solution to meet their needs. It is a great way to reduce electricity bills and help in protecting the environment.

3kW Solar Panel Price in Kanpur

The 3kW Solar Panel Price in Kanpur is quite competitive in the market. It is one of the most popular solar panel options in the city due to its affordability and efficiency. Kanpur has ample sunshine year-round, making it an ideal spot for solar energy. The 3kW Solar Panel Price in Kanpur is quite competitive, making it a popular choice for households and businesses alike looking to save on energy costs. Furthermore, with the help of government subsidies and incentives, the 3kW Solar Panel Price in Kanpur is quite competitive, making it an attractive option to invest in solar energy.

Solar Panel For Home Price In Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

Installation of Solar panels for homes in Kanpur is a great way to invest. Most of People are Installing Solar panel systems on rooftops In Kanpur and enjoy Clean and Free electricity. Solar system Installers In Kanpur are able to produce enough power to run their home appliances. Due to upgrade technology and improved In solar panel designs solar installers can generate more electricity in comparison to traditional grid-supplied sources. The no. of Solar installers increase in Kanpur because the Prices of solar panels In Kanpur decreasing day by day. People are taking lots of the benefits of solar installation in Kanpur. After Installing solar for homes people who are living in Kanpur reduced their Bills by up to 80% which also helps to reduce air Pollution.

Loan for solar in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

If you are looking for a Solar Loan In Kanpur then there are Many Options to Take a Loans. Taking a loan for installing a solar system in Kanpur helps in long-term savings on energy bills. The currently available loan schemes for installing solar systems in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh have low-interest rates, making them suitable for individuals interested in investing in the solar energy system. Banks and other financial institutions in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, offer convenient repayment options which makes it easy to take a loan for the installation of solar systems.

1. Which banks offer solar loans in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh?

In India their many private and government Banks And Organizations which offer Solar Loan Under the “home improvement loans” Scheme. There are List of many Banks and Private Organizations In Kanpur Which offer Loan For Solar Installation

In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, the following banks offer solar loans to customers:

1. Bank of Baroda offers solar loans in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, under their national solar mission scheme with a loan amount up to Rs 10 lakhs.

2. State Bank of India (SBI) provides tailored solar financing solutions ranging from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs 10 Lakhs.

3. Punjab National Bank (PNB) offers solar loans in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, for individuals, organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

4. Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) offers solar loan products in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh with low-interest rates and competitive repayment terms.

5. Bank of India provides solar loans with affordable interest rates and a comprehensive tenure of 3 to 5 years.

6. Allahabad Bank offers solar loans in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, with loan amounts up to Rs. 15lacs.

7. Union Bank of India provides solar loans with up to Rs. 10 Lakhs, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

8. Dena Bank has financing options up to Rs. 5lacs for setting up solar power plants.

9. Central Bank of India offers solar loans with flexible repayment tenure for large-scale solar installations in Kanpur.

2. How do you check the eligibility for a solar loan?

Given below are the criteria you have to fulfill to be eligible for a solar loan:

  1. Age: The applicant should be at least 18 years of age when applying for a solar loan. The maximum age limit is capped at 55-60 years, depending on the bank.
  2. Income: The income of the applicant should be at least Rs.15,000–20,000. The applicant should provide proof of sufficient income.

3. What documents do you need to apply for a solar loan?

  • Proof of Identity and address: You are required to provide proof of identity and address. You can select any two documents: PAN card, Aadhar card, driving license, ration card or voter ID.
  • Proof of income: In order to be eligible for a solar loan, you have to provide proof of income. This is:
  1. For salaried persons: Three months’ payslips. These have to be consecutive and in the same financial year as the application.
  2. For self-employed: Bank statements from the last 6 months.

Price Quotation: A formal quotation from the solar company stating the charges for purchasing and installing the solar system.

Other documents that some banks may ask for:

  • Proof of property ownership or rent agreement (for tenant farmers).
  • Employment certificate (for salaried persons).
  • GST returns for 1-3 consecutive years (for self-employed).
  • Income tax return proof for 2-3 years.

How to Start Solar Bussines In Kanpur

If you want to start a solar business in Kanpur then here we describe some important Points for you. You have to understand these points before starting a solar business in Kanpr

1. Research the solar energy market in Kanpur – Before Starting a solar business in Kanpur, You have to Research About the current solar energy market.

2. Obtain necessary licenses -If you Want to start Solar Bussines In Your District Then You Have to register with any company which provides solar franchises in Uttar Pradesh. You can register yourself at 3 Positions

  • Dealer
  • Distributor
  • Stockists

3. Assess local needs – When you Have completed your registration with any company, then you have to understand Local people’s Needs In Kanpur and how you can full fill their needs at a low cost. You have to design a solar system by which they can complete their needs.

4. Develop a good business plan – A good business plan will help in launching a successful solar business in Kanpur. 6You Have to Invest time and money in developing a good business plan.

5. Invest in high-quality solar Products– Invest in good-quality solar Products so you can also full fill Top Class Customers Needs and can give the best performance.

6. Find the right partners – You Should Join A Experiences Company so you can fulfill your customer’s needs at any time.

7. Invest in marketing and advertising – If you want to grow your Solar Bussines In Kanpur Then You Have to Invest in marketing and advertising.

Will broken solar panels work?

If any Solar Panel Brakes Then this panel can produce some electricity But the Panel performance will be reduced as compared to the new panel. The performance of the panel depends on the condition of the solar cell.

How Solar Panel System Helps For Kanpur Farming

Solar energy can be used by Kanpur farmers to escape from dry their crops. Solar panel systems can provide Continue and cost-effective energy to water pumps and other agricultural equipment for farming In Kanpur. Solar In Kanpur can not only reduce water Pumps Bills But also reduced the need for burning fossil fuels. by Using Solar Systems Kanpur Farmrs Can reduce their bills by up to 80%. Installing solar panel systems can provide farmers with a reliable source of income through the sale of surplus electricity.

Types of Solar Panels Systems In Kanpur

There are 3 types of solar systems available in Kanpur for users. Below are given a full description of which solar system is suitable for you in Kanpur.

1. On-grid solar system In Kanpur

The on-Grid solar system is a system that works with electricity. This means when your home electricity is on this system works and if the grid is disconnected then this system can’t work. This system is very useful for that locations where people are suffering from high electricity bills. You can install up to 90% system of your unsanctioned load of the house. You have to install net meter In On grid solar system.

Equipment In On-Grid solar system

  • Solar Panels
  • solar Inverter
  • Installation Equipment

2. Off-grid solar system in Kanpur

off-grid, solar system is a system that works without electricity. This system is very useful for those places where government electricity supply is not available. you can install an off-grid solar system as per your requirements. In this system, there is no need to install the net meter.

Equipment In Off-grid solar system

  • Solar Panels
  • solar Inverter
  • Batteries
  • Installation Equipment

3. Hybrid Solar system In Kanpur

A hybrid solar system is a combination of an On-Grid solar system and an Off-Grid solar system. The two systems are usually integrated into a single combined system, with the main goal being to maximize efficiency and maximize energy production. Hybrid solar systems provide a much larger capacity for both solar and other renewable-energy systems than a single system.

Solar Panel subsidy in Kanpur

Solar panel subsidies provided by the Government of Uttar Pradesh are a great incentive for residential and commercial properties to switch to solar energy. These subsidies are designed to reduce the cost of solar installation which makes it more affordable and accessible to people who can not afford solar panels for homes in Kanpur. The solar panel subsidies available in Kanpur are an important step towards building a sustainable energy future for the city.

How I Can Apply For Net Meter In Kanpur

  • First You have to check About eligibility to apply for a NET Meter in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The documentary may be different from region to region, so contact your local power utility provider for more information about the NET Meter application and installation requirements.
  • Contact your power utility provider in Kanpur and request a NET Meter application form.
  • Complete the application form and provide all the necessary documents. Provide proof of ownership, such as a copy of your electricity bill or other utility bill that shows the name of the property owner.
  • Make sure to read all the terms and conditions of the NET Meter agreement very carefully. Familiarize yourself with the conditions and fee structures for meter usage so that there are no surprises down the line.
  • Track your energy usage with NET Meter readings.

Why we choose Ujjawal Solar to Buy solar system In Kanpur

Ujjawal Solar is one of the Best solar Providers in Kanpur that provides reliable and affordable solar solutions with warranties, maintenance services, and life support to its customers. They Have a professional team to design and install solar systems In Kanpur. The company also provides discounts and benefits when they purchase solar systems.


Here we described all information related to solar in Kanpur. we describe here how solar help you to survive easily. Solar panel For Home Installing in Kanpur is an economical and long-term energy solution for homeowners and businesses alike. Solar reduced your electricity Bills.

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