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Best Ways To Improve Solar Panel Efficiency

Best Ways To Improve Solar Panel Efficiency


The 6 Best Ways To Improve Solar Panel Efficiency

First of all, lets us clear our thoughts that solar panel installation is a very hard job. No, it is not.

That is all because there are some basics that you need to know after knowing that we will be finding that solar panel installation is just a small thing and most of us can start there currier in the solar installation sector.

1. Technology and building quality of a product.

If we talk about it we need to know which technology is upgraded or which one is outdated so when we talk about updating technology so.
Mono perc Halfcut solar has set up its benchmarks in the field of quality and bifacial solar panels are also taking up the market quickly.

This mono perc Halfcut and bifacial solar panels are the latest in technology as of now. and poly solar panels are of outdated technology so all we have to do is install mono per Halfcut or bifacial in any of the segments as per our budget and space consumption as both the module generation is very much impressive and bifacial solar modules generate electricity from both sides.

With the help of an example let me try to clear your thoughts.

Take 3 types of solar panels each of the same wattage like 3 solar panels of 100 watts each

The first one is a poly 100-watt module and the second one is a mono perc 100-watt module and the third one is a 100-watt bifacial module so as per their tested reports poly 100 watts will produce 70-80 watt electricity and mono perc 100 watts will going to generate 90-95 watt electricity and bifacial one is going to produce 90-95 watt from the front and from behind minimum 20%gain so from behind it will generate 20 watts so the 100-watt bifacial module will generate up to 120 watts so as per the given figure your just have to choose the type which suits you.

2. Direction plays a very important role in boosting performance.

As per universally applicable phenomenon, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west so most of the time our sun is in a south direction so always place the solar panels south-facing if you need to get the best out of your solar panels.

3. Angle of installation also plays a very important role in getting maximum efficiency.

As we all know that Mother Earth is in round shape and in every region there must be a change in the latitude angle (the angle where the sun’s rays touch up the surface. So all you need to do is check the latitude angle of the area where the solar panels are going to install and install the solar panels as per the latitude angle so with as well you are just going to rise your solar panels’ efficiency.

For the safer side, you can ask google about the latitude angle of any region and you will get the response.

4. Wires would not be too long.

As per Electrical parameters as long as the dc current travel it will be losing up efficiency and as per the twist and turns of wires, it will lose efficiency so try to keep solar panels and solar inverter in around 10 meters if possible if Will able to match that criteria we will be getting more generation.

5. Wire thickness also matters.

While any installation taking place we always need to check wire thickness if wire thickness rises the current will be automatically flow in a very easy and comfortable manner so checking wire thickness also plays a very important role in boosting the performance of a system.

6. Surroundings also play a very important role.

When doing a sight survey all you have to do is to check whether any shadow of an object is there in the area where the solar panels are going to install and the shadow of any building or tree or object nearby. check these very carefully just because if there would be any kind of shadow takes place on the area of installation there the solar panels will lose their efficiency.

If you are going to apply all the basics then you’re going to get maximum efficiency out of your solar module.

In the end, kindly make the proper connection as per the requirement of the solar system.
And follow all the safety measures when installing a solar panel.

Conclusion:- In This Article, we completely provide all information about Best Ways To Improve Solar Panel Efficiency. If You Want to Install A Solar System for your home then you can buy solar products from Ujjawal Solar.

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