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Best Solar System in India


Are you tired of paying high electricity bills?

Then we have a great deal for you. It’s like a Savior as it saves electricity and your money too.

So now we are introducing the most trust able brand in solar panels, which is started by young minds.

Ujjawal solar redefined energy is the brand name of the solar manufacturing company.

We manufacture solar panels for all purposes in use. Starting from small use in-house to big use for running machines we make all types of solar panels at Ujjawal solar redefined energy. 

This company was started by the students of the YMCA to reduce the use of electricity and save power. As our main focus was the environment which is why we make completely eco-friendly solar panels that do not damage the environment in any way.

Also, our other concern is the high electricity bills these days. And that’s why we are trying to give a bill-free environment where you can use electricity without getting stressed about high bills.

So hurry up and book your orders now as we have a wide range of solar panels like a mono perk, Lithium batteries. Also from 5 watts 12 watts solar led bulbs to all rooftop solutions. Solar Panels ,

Solar Panel Stands,

Solar Inverters

On Grid Solar System For Home

And the most popular category at Ujjawal solar redefined energy is solar panels, solar panel stands, solar inverters, on-grid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, and Installation kits, and also the best deal is that you can also buy a charge controller which is a most essential thing.

Now for making this article more helpful, we will perfectly elaborate on the products and services because our customer is our priority.

Starting with an on-grid solar system. We have a wide range of variety in this from Ujjawal solar 10kw to Ujjawal solar 5kw on the grid solar system. Also, 3kw on the grid solar system and 2kw on-grid solar system in the AC module all are available at Ujjawal energy redefined energy. 

Moving to an off-grid solar system. We have a huge category in it like 5kw off-grid solar systems for homes, 3kw off-grid solar systems, and from 2kw to 1kw off-grid solar systems for homes.

Now talking about solar panels, the variety in it is also huge like Ujjawal solar panel 50 watt – 12-volt mono perc crystalline, Ujjawal solar panel 440 watt – 24-volt half-cut bifacial mono per crystalline, etc.

Moving to another product available at Ujjawal solar redefined energy. And that is solar inverters available in all categories of voltage. Like Microtek solar inverter MSUN 935 VA off-grid, MSUN 1735 VA off-grid, MSUN 1135 VA off-grid, and Luminous solar nxt 3kw off-grid hybrid inverter.

And as we have also discussed the charge controllers. Now let’s understand the use of it. Charge controllers help us to control the charging of solar according to sunlight. If perfectly maintained and regulates the solar charge and works properly.

Now let’s discuss the varieties of the charge controller available at Ujjawal solar redefined energy from smartened mppt solar management unit 30 amps, 12-24 V, controller, to 50 amps 24-48 V, Microtek solar charge controller smu 60 amps, 24 volts, and smu 30 amps 12 volts.

And not just solar but we also sell installation kits too for your reliability. From wire to everything we have everything available at our store. From solar DC wires to MC4 connectors pair for 3 panels.

And as you all know the varieties don’t end here so to know more about other categories you directly visit our site.

Now talking about the branches we have opened in different states of India are Delhi, Chandigarh, Faridabad Haryana, and Gurgaon Haryana. But the list does not end here. We have started our services online as well. So no matter in which part of India you live, if you want to get solar panels from ujjawal solar redefined is 24×7 available for you.

If why choosing us is still a question in your mind then here we will answer the perfect reason to choose us. 

Our policies are so subtle which is helpful for every buyer.

The cancellation and returned policy. We understand that sometimes inconvenience may happen but it will not last long because we accept the declaration. And that’s why we facilitated our customer with a cancellation and return policy.

And if you buy our products then we make sure safety and security without s shipping policy.

We focus on safe packaging and that’s why we cover it properly inside and outside with thermal and boxes.

We deliver in all states of India.

Also, we connect you with your ordered product with the tracing policy which keeps you updated about your product after it is dispatched.

The delivery time is also very less as we try to deliver your ordered product in just 2-3 days after the order confirmation in 24 hours. But the product is delivered via a third party and your location may also matter in the delivery time but you’ll be updated about everything through messages and emails.

So this was all you need to know about Ujjawal solar redefined energy. We tried to give you the most basic information about our company’s product and its policy.

We hope that listening to this will give a perfect idea of the good choice and also this informative article must have cleared all the doubts you were thinking before 

buying Ujjasal solars. 

So now is the perfect time to shift to Ujjawal solar because this is the right time to buy them and save money on high electricity bills.

Do not think more when you are getting the most valuable deal at a reasonable price.

Now since it’s up to you, make sure you carefully book your order for buying Ujjawal solars.

Just make your decision and use it now.

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